February 16, 2005

Been there, done that (the empirical step forward...)

Yesterday, I had a phone-talk with one of my university mentors. I explained to him what I wanted to do, and one thing he said was: well it is good to gather empirical data on the subject and to make a critical synthesis, but that is not enough to base a graduation research project on. You should try to identify a question, issue or problem that has not yet been solved, preferably not even been researched much, gather data on that, complete an empirical research cycle, and substantiate your motives for taking the inductive reasoning step at the end of that cycle.

Of course he is right. Much of what I proposed as research questions so far has been researched already. Maybe not as exhaustive as possible, but rather thoroughly nonetheless.

Therefore I will search my source material for suggestions for further research, I will attend a workshop on preparing a graduation research paper and I am so fortunate as to meet some experts shortly, who I hope can give me further suggestions. And then I can try to select what exactly it is that I really want to find out, and how to go about finding it out. I will be meeting with my mentor March 1st, so (fingers crossed!) I will have my research proposal ready by then...



Blogger Moonbeam12333 said...

Hi my name is Jessica Donadio, I am a student at Northeastern University. I am also doing information about PAYD and need to interview an expert on the subject. Do you have any suggestions or know of anyway I could contact someone?

Thank you

Jessica Donadio

2:32 AM  
Blogger Way3 said...

Hi jessica,

saw yr comment to blog of Dutch Christof.

i know Christof. I am involved in payd in NL , but also in other countries.

see www.stok-nederland.nl ( right top UK version )

maybe can help you and am also interested in geico and your papers.

grtz Henri


8:10 PM  

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